For Back Pain Sufferers who have had ENOUGH

How to Get a Bulletproof Back

A breakthrough, holistic way to rapidly ease your pain, heal your spine, and maintain the improvements with quality movement concepts.

For Back Pain Sufferers who have had ENOUGH

How to Get a Bulletproof Back

A breakthrough, holistic way to rapidly ease your pain, heal your spine, and maintain the improvements with quality movement concepts.

From Broken to Bulletproof :

Unconventional Ways to Banish Back Pain

Do you want to achieve a Bulletproof Back?

Do you want a body that moves well, doesn’t hurt, and that you have confidence in?

Do you want to achieve all of that with far less effort than you thought?

In far less time?

Here are the SECRETS:

You don’t need six-pack


You don’t need buns of


You don't need to visit multiple therapists

You don’t need Complicated CORE workouts

You don’t need to be swallowing pain meds like lollies

You don't’ need to be wasting $$$ on expensive gadgets

What I didn't know as a physiotherapist 28 years ago …

When I left university, after 4 years of physiotherapy study, I thought I could fix everyone. I look back now and laugh at my own sense of invincibility. A 20-year-old setting off to work in private practice, with no experience and seeing one client every 15 mins. Guess what? I was useless. No one got better, and if they did, it was total luck.

It’s very humbling to realize that the 4-year university degree you studied hard for, doesn’t really achieve patient outcomes. Most clients responded with short-term pain relief at best. They often returned months later with the same pain, often worse than before. Rarely did treatment results last, and I was actually unknowingly creating a cycle of dependency in my clients, which kept the money rolling in for my Boss, but left me feeling very dissatisfied professionally.

So I got on with the job of opening my mind and absorbing other content from other fields of science, spirituality, movement disciplines, etc. I asked questions, I read, I enquired deeply, I experimented, I played. I got frustrated, I felt like I was letting people down, I felt useless, and occasionally, I made a real difference in one life, which kept me going. It helped that I had a husband at the time who was chronically in pain. I made the mistake that many wives make. I tried to fix him. Not Smart. Lessons learned, marriage dissolved.

What I now know 28 years later ...

I will honestly say the desire to master my profession will be eternal, but after 28 + years in the game, I am confident in the Bulletproof Backs System I have created. Working with clients now is so satisfying. They get long-lasting results - which upgrades their life - they return to the sports they love, and the jobs they love, their relationships improve, they ditch the anti-inflammatories and pain meds, they can sleep better, play with their kids, have more energy for life in general. That brings me immense joy and is why I so wish to see this unique approach shared far and wide. It is my belief that many people with back pain simply don’t need to be in pain if they were exposed to new ideas and practiced some new habits.

The Past 28 + years working with back pain clients has taught me the STEPS to Banishing Back Pain. Turns out it is simple.

Treat the WHOLE person; their thoughts, their feelings, and their movement habits. Not just a few vertebrae between L1 and L5.

This system works

Beta Test Trials of the Bulletproof Backs course showed an 80% reduction in pain reporting after two weeks, purely with mindset shifts.

Here are my Disclaimers

It's going to take more than reading this short book to heal your spine. You are also going to have to PRACTICE what you learn and create some new habits. Some people are seeking quick-fix band-aid solutions. If that’s you, move on, my blueprint is not for you, and I suspect in 6 months' time you will be exactly where you are now (in pain). Remember if nothing changes, nothing changes.

It also helps to have been screened by your Doctor and labeled as “non-surgical” and to know that your pain is coming from muscles, joints, nerves, discs, etc NOT from internal organs, or other pathologies. If there is surgery pending, or your pain is not actually coming from your spine, but referred from somewhere else, then I make no claims about the suitability of this method for you.

This system is for people who wish to explore their pain holistically, and learn to understand their pain and the tools, strategies, and movements required to create long-lasting spinal health. The system is not for someone who wants their practitioner/ coach to do all the work for them, or who expects miracles after two days. Those that are prepared to commit and focus on their spinal health as a top priority, do well.

NO quick fix band aid solutions here

  • Can you even remember what it’s like to be pain-free, moving well, and feeling strong?

  • To be able to garden, mow the lawns, and feel like you are contributing to the house?

  • To know you can get on and off the floor with ease and grace?

  • To know you can lift that child into the back seat without fear?

  • To know you can surf without paying for it afterwards?

This is what a Bulletproof Back feels like

My book, From Broken to Bulletproof, is an introduction to my system, where I outline the fundamentals of building a bulletproof spine.

  • Mindset

  • Emotional Fitness

  • Quality Movement

The content is fresh, unique, and original.

You will learn something new.

You can buy it if you want.

It’s only $ 15 AUD

If you like the ideas shared, and realise you need some help with the details or implementation, you may end up becoming a client of ours. Or not. Either way, I will sleep easy knowing I have shared some solid ideas that can shift you toward long-term spinal healing.

Important Points!

Here is some of what you will discover in the book:

Do you want a body that moves well, doesn’t hurt, and that you have confidence in?

Do you want to achieve all of that with far less effort than you thought?

In far less time?

Understanding the Complexity of Back Pain and why an integrated approach is VITAL for getting long-term results.

Movement is the Medicine - Easy ways to bring pain relief and quality to your movement system mindfully

Emotions are the Rocket Fuel of the Body- How to rapidly upregulate your biochemistry without drugs

Mindset Science - Facts 101 - What are your actual beliefs about your pain situation? Can you change them? If so How?

A Holistic Approach to Healing- what does that actually look like practically ?

Debunking Common Back Pain Myths, Why you don't need six-pack abs to be pain-free.

Emotional Tracking & Upgrading Tools - How to bio-hack your feelings

Supplementing the Bulletproof Backs Lifestyle - Ergonomics, Nutrition, etc

Movement Basics for Bulletproof Backs - 3 Top Moves for Supple Spines

Mindset Tools - Practical Homework

The link between back pain and Trauma, and what to do about it


Bonus # 1

Smash Stubborn Back pain 40 min Webinar Replay - Holistic Healing: The Power of 3

Bonus # 2

Power up your Pelvis - Free 20 min Movement Video showing you the 8 Pelvic motions you need for a happy spine

If you don't find them useful, or you don't learn anything new, then I will happily refund you the full Price with a simple email request

The book includes self-assessments, video links, and more to help you get started immediately.

I am on a personal mission to lower the Global Back Pain Epidemic through EDUCATION, Inspiration, and fresh, unique content that is simply not part of the mainstream thinking. If I help you, and you share with others, then together we can liberate many from pain they don’t need to have.

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About the Author

Marion McRae is the founder of “Movement Solutions” ; a physiotherapy clinic based in Margaret River, Western Australia, which services clients locally, and globally, with the broadest range of movement coaches available in one space; pilates, yoga, feldenkrais, qigong, personal trainers, etc.

Marion's personal experience of being married to a chronic pain partner, and the inevitable breakdown of her marriage and family unit as a consequence, became the catalyst for her creation of the Bulletproof Backs Podcast and Courses. Identifying a need for “holistic, movement-based” solutions for back pain and other chronic injuries, she created a suite of courses that are affordable and easily accessed online. Her mission is to offer effective, holistic healing pathways for common injuries.

Recap points for those who hate reading:

  • I am a physiotherapist with over 28 + years of experience working with back pain clients. I have developed the Bulletproof Backs Blueprint for Banishing Back Pain by combining mindset, emotional fitness, and movement drills into a powerful combination that gets results.

  • The book is an introduction to that system which will open your mind and get you heading toward wellness if you fully participate in the strategies and ideas shared.

  • For $15 you get the book, and I am throwing in two bonuses to up level your knowledge even further.

  • Obviously, If you read the book, enjoy my approach, and feel you need more, then it is my hope that you will upgrade to the digital online course or consider working with one of my coaches

  • You can read the book and listen to the bonuses for a full six months. If for some reason the concepts trigger you, or you simply don’t resonate with the work, then please - get a refund. I don’t want your money if I don’t help you.

  • Conversely, if you read the book, and learn some vital new information that really helps your spinal situation, then I invite you to share what you know, so that together - we can reduce the global back pain epidemic.

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